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Student cabin For Sale


The current student structure built during 2017 and 2018 – 16′ X 20′ with half-loft – is now for sale and ready to be moved from our building yard 


For some years now, we have constructed and sold a student/instructor-built cabin each year or two. The main purpose of the building was to afford the students actual practice in building with logs. The proceeds of the sale were used for paying some of the expenses of keeping the program going.

The $18.000 price includes the log shell, roof structure, i.e., plates, cap plates, log marking tags, a set of purlins and ridgelog, flattened and ready for boards, insulation etc. Covered as well is ongoing advice on disassembly at the school and on re-erecting the building on the buyer’s final site. Some wooden ladders and scaffold boards can be taken by buyer. It is the purchasers obligation to acquire the helpers to accomplish these tasks, as well as the truck hauling. It is hoped that the building will be sold as soon as possible.

If the buyer is from outside Minnesota, there is no sales tax; a Minnesota resident will pay 7.375 % sales tax on the purchase. The structure looks similar to the cabin pictured below.

Contact Ron Brodigan at 218.365.2126. Several potential buyers are interested but no commitments have been made as of this time.


Below is the 2010 structure, now proudly residing on a hill overlooking Lake Superior near Silver Bay, MN and owned by Shawn of Litchfield, MN. She added some very special windows, a handsome side porch and a surrounding deck system. (PS. the commode was later installed inside.)



This is the 2005 student building purchased and finished by Kevin and Karlene and moved to their property near Hibbing, Minnesota.


Another cabin built at the school, which now resides west of Ely on Highway 169 – owned by Bruce Wheelright..

CabinWinter2007 035_small

And the 2006 structure, now located on the Gunflint Trail – owned by Scott Brown of Texas.

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